The Challenge

Over the past 60 years, despite the availability of antibiotics, infectious bacterial diseases have continued to cause massive global morbidity and mortality. Currently, infectious bacterial diseases account for more than 10 million deaths each year.

The problem is growing every day due to the lack of effective vaccines, rapidly increasing rates of antibiotic resistance, the emergence of new pathogens and the re-emergence of "old" pathogens in new guises.

Our Goal

The McDevitt laboratory is committed to dealing with infectious bacterial diseases in the 21st century using a two-pronged approach involving the development of cheaper and more effective vaccines, as well as engineering novel antibacterial drugs. These challenges require a thorough understanding of the biology of disease and the complex interaction between the bacterial pathogen and its host in order to develop the next generations of vaccines and drugs.

Meet the Team

The McDevitt laboratory is comprised of myself and eleven enthusiastic members

Christopher McDevitt

ARC Future Fellow

Group Leader

Aimee Tan

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

Alex Carey Hulyer

Alex Carey Hulyer

NHMRC Postdoctoral Research


Eijkelkamp, Bart 1-1 (3x3.9)

Bart Eijkelkamp

University of Adelaide Beacon Fellow

Pederick, Victoria 2-1 (3x3.9)

Victoria Pederick

ARC Postdoctoral Researcher

Bliss Cunningham

NHMRC Postdoctoral Researcher

Jonathan Whittall

Jon Whittall

Laboratory Manager

Brazel, Erin 1-1 (3x3.9)

Erin Brazel

PhD Candidate

Marina Zupan

Marina Zupan

PhD Candidate

Saleh Alquethamy

Saleh Alquethamy

PhD Candidate

Jacinta Watts

Jacinta Watts

Honours Student